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Everyone has style. They have their own unique thing about themselves and that’s what makes it so great! What’s my style you might ask…hmmm, well it took me some time to figure it out myself. I would have to say I’m chic with a little bit of artsy and a whole lot of sexy! My style really depends on the mood I’m in, the occasion, the vibe, etc. Some days I want to dress in a cute flowing skirt with a pair of pumps and other days it’s a comfy T-shirt and leggings. I love buying clothes and shoes and putting together looks. I really enjoy helping other people find what outfits look best on them. I love to see the smile a person gives when they’ve found the perfect fit. So if you need some inspiration on finding your style, take a look below.

  1. Seek inspiration
    -Who’s your favorite celeb or designer, favorite color or design?
    You can find inspiration from just about anything. You could even try searching on Pinterest or scrolling through Instagram. Take at trip to your local mall or shopping store and just browse. Even your best friend’s closet might be a good place to start (just make sure you return anything you borrow). 


2. Understand your body
-Knowing your body type plays a key role when it comes to picking the right outfits. Wearing clothes that are way too small or way too big will not look the best on anyone (unless you just like wearing your clothes this way then hey, do you). Everything may not look good on every body type.
Here you can find out your body type so you can have a better understanding of what clothes flatter you most or what areas you’d like to hide the most.

3. Know your personality 
-What makes you, you? What makes you stand out? Are you quirky and want to express that by wearing funky dresses? Or are you a Type A personality and feel as though your wardrobe should be structured and organized? Jot down some of your traits that first come to mind. Take a look at this quiz to find your personality style 

4. Have confidence 
Be fierce in whatever you decide to wear! Own the style. Have an outfit that you receive the most compliments on? Snap a pic for reference. This could serve as inspiration for other pieces to buy.

5. Find a signature piece
Whether it’s a signature color or a certain piece of jewelry, everyone should have a go to item/color. This could be your favorite color or a color that compliments your skin tone the best. Your signature piece could be a purse, a necklace, a pair of heels/sandals, a blazer, or even a certain hairstyle. Your signature piece is what makes you feel and look your best. These go-to pieces or looks can give a boost of confidence and can easily be any of your favorite items.

These are just a few tips to help you get started. I hope that you find these helpful. Let me know if there are any tips or ideas that you may have in the comments below. Remember to always stay true to yourself. Fashion is also art so have fun with it. Now time to shop! 


Shadrika Lee


Hey y'all. I'm Shadrika and welcome to my blog about lifestyle and beauty. I'm a young ambitious, growing woman and this is My Purple Closet.

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