The Benefits of Dry Brushing

Hi! And welcome back to my blog. So winter is coming (pun intended) and one great way to get your skin prepared for it is by adding dry brushing to your beauty routine.

Dry brushing is where you use a dry body brush, like this one that I got from Ulta, and you start at either your feet or hands and brush toward your center which will be your heart. You make light strokes using the brush towards your heart. This will help release toxins and to detoxify by increasing blood circulation.

Dry brushing is a great exfoliator and it may help in getting rid of dead skin.

Using it before you get in the shower will aid in giving you smoother skin. If used correctly and long enough, dry brushing may help in saying “Adios” to cellulite.

To use a dry brush:
1. The best way to use it is before getting into the shower. This way you can wash off the dead skin
2. Start at your feet and make light strokes upwards. I like to use the round brush for my body
3. Next, you should be near your ankles and make strokes up towards your shin as well as near your calves
4. Work your way up to your knees and then your thighs
Remember light strokes. These bristles can be kind of hard and you don’t want to scratch your skin and leave marks
5. You should be near your stomach and just keep brushing up towards your heart
6. Now start at the palm of one of your hands and brush towards your heart and switch hands and repeat on the other arm starting at the palm
7. To do it on your back you will need a brush with a longer handle like this one. It’s also from Ulta and I just use it to brush upwards as well

Once done showering your skin will feel smoother and you might even feel more relaxed. Dry brushing can relieve stress and keep you calm. It just feels so amazing. Whenever I do it I feel like all my stress from the day just melts away. I usually dry brush about 3-4 times a week but you can always do it more or less. To really feel the benefits of it it should be done everyday before showering but hey life happens so I just try to do it as often as I can.

This isn’t a miracle worker but it can be a great addition to your shower routine. Hopefully this helps anyone who is trying to combat dry skin.

Talk to you soon!
Shadrika Lee


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